More Options

Take advantage of the widest range of debt resolution solutions available to you. By offering everything from debt counseling, settlement negotiation, and the full extent of available legal actions and defenses, we give you more options for handling debt problems. More options means more chance of finding the solution that offers the best outcome and the lowest cost to you.

Lower Costs

Have you received a settlement offer?
Contact us first to see if we can find a different solution, negotiate a better offer, or reduce the cost to you. Our knowledge, skills, and experience can make a big difference.

Effective Solutions

Here are some of the many methods your debt problem can be resolved to your satisfaction.

Debt Consolidation Program

Pay all your outstanding debts with a manageable payment plan. We offer affordable plans with lawsuit defense and other features not offered by other debt relief providers.

Debt Settlement

We can help negotiate a settlement where you repay only a portion of the original amount to satisfy your debt. This is a way to become debt free and start improving your credit score.

Loan Modification

We can help negotiate a change the terms of your loan. This can reduce the interest rate, extend the repayment time, change the type of loan, or all three of these changes.


When you owe much more than you can afford to repay comfortably, the law allows bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy can wipe out some or all of your debt.




Get Debt Under Control

We can stop harassment, help you manage debt and improve your credit score. Ask Us How

Legal Defense

Are you being sued?

Avoid the headaches and let our outstanding debt defense law team take care of it for you. Start Now

Fight Back

Were your rights violated?

Creditors & collectors break rules. We can use this to your advantage and sue them for you. Learn More

Get a Better Deal

Debt Consolidation at Lower Cost

We offer better prices and more services. Show us your offer and let us beat it.  Check Your Options

Judgement Removal

Were you surprised by a judgement?

New York is famous for “sewer service judgments”. We can help remove them. Fight your judgement

Tax Problems

IRS and New York State Tax Relief

Quit losing sleep over tax issues. We have the experience and skills you need. Get Tax Relief

Stop Worrying

Don’t let debt problems keep you awake and destroy your peace of mind. Our knowledge, experience, and dedication can help you resolve debt problems at any point along the way.